Infant Builders

Either we derive from the social needs in the Maslow’s hierarchy or we scroll through the ages, right from Palaeolithic to this modern era, the need for shelter, to a man is an inevitable fact to be accepted without dithering. More than to attribute this fact to a matter of protection, acknowledgment is acceptable, if it is to be owed to a psychological phenomenon, of all beings, including human, to be liked to be surrounded by a protective coat, that can engulf them with a sense of security and safety.

Infused with mixed exposures and jostling between growth and reformations, this affinity towards shelter slowly carried another reason to its pocket. A sense of pride.

Anything associated with us, though out of need, has also an associated requirement of being spiced up to our taste and being pruned and tuned to stand for our pride, with quality and beauty as its imbibed stride. This implies, subjecting to the society we are into.

As for shelter, even, when the tortoise and the snail beam higher with their apt, beautiful and strong homes, they are fit into, would a man compromise his expectations? Invariably, today’s people are ready to spend all their might, be it physical money or the mental irrepressible imaginations, to just get their protective shelter done to its best, to make their home stand for their awesome pride in their society.

Our chosen engineers at INFANT BUILDERS soak this psychological phenomenon, colossally, into the core of their mind before taking up the art of constructing your desires and dreams into a home.

We strongly believe in integrity, honesty, love, transparency and customer relations.

That’s why; we are able to give quality, dependency, strength, trust and at last a home to your pride... a home for your life...